• 50%

    Improvement in hiring accuracy

  • 20+

    Successfully implemented third-party integrations

  • 90%

    Reduction in time to shortlist

  • 50+

    Enterprise and Government Clients

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Why partner with impress.ai?

  • Faster screening time

    Automate candidate interviews via chatbot based workflows.

  • Increase diversity

    Screen without bias based on job-related data

  • Engaging candidate experience

    Engage candidates with a streamlined end-to-end experience

  • Easy data integration from third-party apps

    Collate all your data and scores in your ATS candidate profile

  • Systemized hiring

    Conducts structured interviews based on the job requirement.

  • Ease of self-service

    Our solution is configured and easily used by our clients with little to no intervention.


Create engaging job application and assessment workflows

Easily create fully or partially automated workflows with multiple sections. Include third party or built-in skill assessments. Add employer branding modules and configure resume scoring, pre-screening, scoring, and manual approval stages.

Deliver a conversational AI-powered assessment experience

Deliver a conversational structured interview powered by AI. Parse resumes and ask questions based on job and education history. Ask free-text based questions and drive conversational case studies without human intervention.

Configure a powerful score-dashboard to aggregate data

Review and shortlist candidates based on auto-scored answers and third-party assessment scores. Setup benchmarks for auto-shortlisting and auto-forwarding to third-party assessments. Configure weightage for each competency that influences the total score.

Answer candidate queries autonomously using FAQ engine that learns

Configure a modular engine for answering candidate queries. Deploy a global module, a country module and possibly another one for the role. Train on the fly with minimal pre-training. Mark candidate support tickets as closed. Reach 90%+ auto-answer rates within weeks of launch.

Assessments, Video interview, Scheduling - bring everything together

Configure a wide variety of third-party capabilities with plug-and-play integration capability. Use built in video interview and interview scheduling within a single-vendor contract. Import reports and scores all into a single dashboard or use our ATS integration to port reports over to the ATS.


What they said about us

I like how the platform has changed my perception. When I look at the scoring and what the candidate says on the screen, it shows a different side to them that I wouldn’t have seen on their CV.

Nisa Rahman

The Creative Square Company

The platform is user friendly and we like how the dashboard can be customised to make hiring decisions faster. More importantly, it helped to enhance our candidate experience – we are glad that many candidates liked Kate and enjoyed interacting with her."

Hui Qi Yeo

Manager, Talent Management Singtel

We save up to 40 man-hours per month. The virtual recruiter frees up our recruiters' time so they can take on higher-value work.

James Loo

Head of Talent Acquisition
DBS Bank


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